About Video Project #2 – 3

This is a raw clip of scene 8 Fletcher grading. I boosted the speed of this scene to make reversal of result by making you hard to see the mark “0”.

It is the Scene 9(last scene). He, our main actor Bo Su, was really drummer. I was surprised that was nice. Especially I think i did good job for opening door under the Andrew’s drum sound. That was not easy work.

This is candidate for last scene of last. But it didn’t give me the impact rather than our final version’s. So i didn’t use this. But, i appreciate his passion for our VP#2.


About Video Project #2 – 2

One of the my favorite scene in our VP#2. Because the Background music match with these scenes so well. But one thing i feel sad is that the speed is not original speed but got boosted. So the atmosphere is not moving compared to my first version.

This is the first clip of the scene #6. There is rewound version of this. But that was not our director wanted. So that was omitted. I was so sad.

This is the scene # 8. I loved the music from game Sonic.

About Video Project #2 – 1

This is scene 5. Maybe it took the longest time to be completed. I changed and changed many things. Such as speed of the clips, music, sounds, e.t.c.. So the scene is very impressive for me. I like the scene Andrew running.

These are the some raw clips of the scene 5. They did good job to shoot these scenes.

embedding clips #4

These are the clips from the VP#1-Mr.Jang~ series.

The video above is also deleted scene. Because his growling sound was so weird. Something interesting thing is that he climbed the wall with his own hand.

This is the first scene of VP#1 – 2. I wonder if someone who watch this understand, the tree is banana tree. That is true. Really.

It reflects how we made clips and video. He was passionate actor.

embedding clips #3

Playing badminton people in Hanyang Campus. I might have felt dynamic. Such things derive our interest.

Walking around the Humanitiy Campus. I think it could one kind of Mockumentary shot.

Same as above. There is background music by band club.